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About Us

Pawfume Premium shampoos and grooming sprays bring the professional grooming experience home. A go-to for groomers, our shampoos are infused with salon-quality botanicals, are eco friendly, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and contain a protective, probiotic therapy that keeps your dog’s coat shiny and fresh. Our grooming sprays smell great and use premium conditioners that detangle and moisturize, all while reducing the static in your dog’s coat. All Pawfume Premium products come in a high-grade aluminum, leak-proof bottle designed to be as durable as your favorite leash.

Pawfume Premium pairs high-end luxury fragrance with unrivaled, lasting performance, making playtime more enjoyable and snuggling that much easier. Pamper your dog with Pawfume Premium fragrances and shampoos and let the fun begin!


Pawfume not doing it for you? If our products don’t live up to your or your dog’s standards, we will give you a full refund on any of our products! Learn more here.

About Our Products

Grooming Spray

Pawfume Premium grooming sprays are the easiest way to keep your dog smelling great on the go. Salon-quality botanicals pair with premium grade conditioners to help moisturize, detangle and reduce static in your dog’s coat all while giving them an odor upgrade. Our grooming sprays have also been designed to last longer than other grooming sprays, making them a favorite of groomers and pet owners around the country.

  • Easy to use. Just spray on and comb out
  • Removes odors and conditions your dog’s coat
  • Eco friendly, hypoallergenic, alcohol free
  • Lasts 3x longer than other grooming sprays!
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Shampoo and Conditioner

Pawfume Premium shampoo is eco friendly, hypoallergenic and ph balanced with our protective, probiotic therapy. Crafted using premium conditioners and salon-quality botanicals, Pawfume Premium shampoo keeps your dog fresh and healthy longer than other shampoos. One wash and you’ll smell the difference!

  • Professionally formulated for long lasting freshness
  • Eco friendly, hypoallergenic, ph balanced with our protective, probiotic therapy
  • Leaves coat shiny, detangled, moisturized and smelling great
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