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Smell Incredible For Longer with Grooming & Finishing Spray

Formulated with salon quality botanicals, Pawfume's Grooming & Finishing Spray is designed with high performance fragrances that last. Perfect for after and between baths, this magical pump spray moisturizes, detangles and reduces static in your dog's coat—and will leave him/her feeling silky smooth and smelling incredible for DAYS!

Grooming Spray
Skin & Coat Moisturizing Spray

Say goodbye to itchiness and dryness with Skin & Coat Emollient

This intensive moisturizing spray adds luster and sheen to a dry coat and revives flaky skin. Use it regularly to control shedding and remove dander. Emollients are provide by natural oats, while chamomile and St. John’s Wort soothes skin. The natural fragrance will leave dogs smelling great, too. Vitamin A enrichment helps repair brittle, damaged coat hair and vitamins B, C, E, along with essential fatty acids provide complete skin and coat health treatment.

Bathe with the perfect Shampoo & Conditioner

Pawfume's shampoo & conditioner is eco friendly, hypoallergenic and perfectly PH balanced. It is infused with a protective, probiotic therapy that is specially formulated to keep all dog breeds' skin and coats looking, feeling and smelling their best. Using the highest quality conditioners and salon quality botanicals, this gentle, deep-cleaning & fragrant shampoo keeps your dog's skin and coat fresher and healthier longer. One wash and you will feel–and smell–the difference!

Gentle Ear Cleaner

Hear about why all dogs need Pawfume's Gentle Ear Cleaner

Pawfume & our team of veterinarians made this Gentle Ear Cleaner as a natural, simple, high performance way to maintain healthy ears. Use it to eliminate the head shaking and ear scratching that is usually caused by dirt, wax and debris built up in the ear canal. On top of that, the St. John’s Wort and select herbal extracts will sooth irritated ears and further control odor.